Keynote | Kevin Linden – NiftyImages (ENG)

Zaal 1 | 14:15 – 14:45 uur

Next level personalization that you can start doing today

Too often marketers are disheartened by the efforts required to take their email strategies to the level they aspire. This presentation will focus on a variety of personalization and dynamic content ideas that are obtainable with minimal budget or resources but will engage your subscriber base beyond basic segmented campaigns.
We will highlight a variety of email examples that showcase techniques used by different companies and service providers.

Kevin Linden – Partner | NiftyImages

Kevin LindenIn 2002 and straight out of college, I co-founded the email service provider in Sacramento, California. I was able to build that business to over 500 monthly clients and 1 Billion emails sent a month. After a successful exit in 201 5, I started a new company to continue working in the world that I love, email marketing.
Niftylmages offers tools for email marketers to build dynamic images such as Personalized Images, Live Social Feeds, Real-Time Images and Countdown Timers. So far, so good, as 3 years in Niftylmages has over 18,000 users and is recognized as a leader in personalization and dynamic images.
I have a passion for creating products that customers love and want to use. While being dedicated to my work, I also love to travel with my wife and will soon be bringing our 3 old son on our adventures.

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